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Cause and Effect: Give Thanks for Leonard Cohen


Posted 11/27/14 at 6:59 pm by jj | 0 comments

Breaking the mold

For the holiday, I'm varying from my usual format and playing some records I've bought or just been listening to a lot this year.  So tune in for some modern classical music, classic soul and reggae, world music and 80s indie rock.


Posted 11/27/14 at 4:49 pm by Jack McHale | 1 comments

1127 Foodsgiving Blend

Happy Tofurkey Day! I can guarantee that mine is NOT going to look as good as the one in the picture. Unless there’s some sort of Friendsgiving miracle.


Posted 11/27/14 at 5:57 am by Galaxy Girl | 0 comments

Episode 11: The Future of Sound II


Posted 11/27/14 at 3:18 am by JR Tympanum | 0 comments

The Horsehead Nebula - Hosted By The Wizard King

George is out of town for Thanksgiving, but have no fear, The Wizard King is here to bring you all the prog, metal, raptor PSAs, unorthodox song transitions, and all the other general strangeness you expect to hear from 1-3am on Thursday mornings. 


Posted 11/27/14 at 1:07 am by The Wizard King | 1 comments

Altered Circuitry - 11/26/14


Posted 11/26/14 at 10:58 pm by The Wizard King | 0 comments

Mercury Falls ~ 10 Year Anniversary!

Enjoyed - Paws (Ghosting Remix)

It's the 10 Year Anniversary of Mercury Falls on WRIR!

Check out the video of the week here:


Posted 11/26/14 at 8:59 pm by Melissa | 0 comments

Activate! November 26 - December 3

Big No! (pictured) are just one of the bands I'll play tonight on Activate! at 7pm. They will be performing at the Video Fan Riot this Saturday at Hardywood, but there are many more live music options this Thanksgiving week that I'll highlight for you tonight.

 photo bn_zpsbb57b705.jpg

Click on "read more" for the show listings / playlist. Click here for the podcast:


Posted 11/26/14 at 5:58 pm by Mike Rutz | 1 comments

The Lotus Land Show: 11/26/2014 Guest DJ Thanksgiving Food-Coma Edition

The Lotus Land Show
guest-hosted this week by Sean Kennedy
Richmond Indie Radio, WRIR-LP 97.3 FM
Wednesdays, 5 to 7 PM Eastern


(click read more below to see the full playlist)



Posted 11/26/14 at 6:06 pm by Sean Kennedy | 0 comments

Wednesday Breakfast Blend—a plateful of grateful


Posted 11/26/14 at 6:02 am by Jay Sandusky | 0 comments

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