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WRIR Presents a Richmond Music History Tour Saturday September 27th, 2014.
Think you know a lot about Richmond’s music history? Let WRIR show you more. On Saturday September 27th WRIR presents A Richmond Music History Walking Tour. Music historians Dr. Gregg Kimball, Don Harrison and Ray Bonis will take you on a walking journey through our city’s bright jewels and dark corners where music has been, and continues to be made. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today »

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River City Limits tribute to Ian M. Graham

(Photo of Thomas Barnett from Strike Anywhere by Ian M. Graham)

Today's River City Limits is dedicated to Ian M. Graham and all the RVA music he loved and supported. Featuring LIVE guest musicians S. Preston Duncan, Emmanuel Liberator, and Andrew Alli.


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Big Hair Songs from a Nineties Baby

I was born in 1991.


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Where Are Chou Pahrot When You Really Need Them?


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Party of One: Mods and Rockers

Today's record is a VERY britpop album--twee and moody.  It's very good, and very much rock and roll, but almost antithetical to what we'd now call "Roots Rock".  Which is really a clash that's been happening since the early days of rock & roll, particularly in 1960s UK.  Mods vs Rockers still goes on in music today; think Coldplay vs White Stripes.  Today we get 2 hours exploring these opposing forces in rock & roll, courtesy of today's record.


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the yes and the nos


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The Unexpected – Things Happen

Good Morning

Welcome to InterTribal, welcome to your weekend. In life there are events, major and small, we don’t anticipate. Things Happen. How do you prepare for the unexpected? We can’t. Accept is as it is, then, move on. This is especially more difficult during the holiday season. As we know the holiday season is fast approaching.

(*) New Music

David Rose and Pete Barnhart – Falling to Grace – Spirit Wind Record

PowWow News

September 20 & 21, 2014

Nottoway Indian Tribe 8th Annual Pow Wow in Surry, VA. Surry Parks and Recreation Center, 205 Enos Farm Drive, Hwy 10 at Hwy 31, Surry, VA 23883

Grand Entry at Noon today and 1 p.m. on Sunday

Enjoy and Walk in Peace,

Tall Feathers


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September 20th, 2014

Good Evening,

After a short break, it's nice to be back. The Commonwealth of Notions will be covering a bit of familiar ground while throwing some new sounds into the mix. Enjoy.

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As always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting All Things Local!


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Hip Hop and beats 11pm to 1am.


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WTF: Special guest Rob Huddleston (Ann Beretta) playing LIVE!

"What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you'll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres."

I'm here tonight 9-11pmEDT with Rob Huddleston, who you know from Inquisition and Ann Beretta. Ann Beretta is playing a very special show tomorrow night at The Broadberry (with Funsize and Sundials). We're gonna talk about the show, give away a pair of tix, and Rob's gonna play three songs LIVE!

AIM: WhatTheFontaine    Phone: 804.649-9737
Check here later for tonight's podcast.
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September 19, 2014- Don’t Stop Now


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