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The Name of the Game is Soul Food


Posted 10/3/15 at 10:04 pm by Rachel | 0 comments

Now Playing: I’m to Blame For the Rain - Blue Sky Black Death

Your (gravel) pit stop for everything hip-hop, soul and funk. Tonight's episode features a lot of independent instrumental hip-hop producers, and new releases from Blackalicious, the Underachievers & more.


Posted 10/3/15 at 10:04 pm by Rachel | 0 comments

JOANNA O.‘s drum & bass bday night on FREQUENCY tonight! Going to be big!

A whole night of drum & bass beats for JOANNA O.'s Birthday on Turnstyle's FREQUENCY show. BOH!

JOANNA O. is kicking things off 8-9PM (pictured right), followed by DC's JUNGLE JESSI 9-10PM (pictured left), and the local radio debut of APOGEE 10-11PM.



Posted 10/3/15 at 7:00 pm by Turnstyle Soundsystem | 0 comments

Emergency in Richmond


Posted 10/3/15 at 5:23 pm by JR Tympanum | 0 comments

Songs from Big Hair… oh… it’s a rainin’ out!!

LaurieAnderson BigScience.JPG


Posted 10/3/15 at 1:52 pm by enzo | 0 comments

lalalalalalal can we still be friends


Posted 10/3/15 at 12:03 pm by Gene | 0 comments

Party of One: Ode to My Socks

Songs for a chilly rainy wool sock kind of day.

Tweet!  @WRIRDJDustin or @WRIR

Call up!  804-649-9737


Posted 10/3/15 at 10:08 am by Dustin | 0 comments

DJ lylas is in the house yipeeee


Posted 10/3/15 at 7:58 am by Gene | 0 comments

Somewhere the Sun Rises

Good Morning and Welcome to you weekend!

Thanks for tuning in to InterTribal here at WRIR. Your presence is most appreciated. Here we are in October. The children have returned to school now almost an entire month, rhythms have been established and the summer heat has gone; replaced by the autumn.

As a city, we have hosted people from around the world for the UCI World Championships, and now we handle the effects of Joaquin. Flooding and downed powerlines or tree limbs are a real concern. We have gone from celebrating to sheltering. Stay safe.

 Walk in Peace,

Tall Feathers


Posted 10/3/15 at 4:58 am by Tall Feathers | 0 comments

the roots of noise


Posted 10/3/15 at 2:04 am by DJ Bob | 0 comments

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