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Tonight it’s Metal 101 – a survey course. You know – like Football Physics – physics for guys that don’t really get physics. I’m no metal expert – far from it. I had plenty of Sabbath, Zep, and Deep Purple records in high school, but that was about the extent of it.

However a recent perfect storm of events got my excited about doing an all-metal show. It all started with my wife’s obsession with the West Memphis 3 and the four documentaries about their crime, trial, imprisonment, and eventual release. Well Metallica lent a lot of support to their appeals and trials as well as their music for the soundtracks. I thought to myself – pretty cool. If you’re interested here is a link to the article.

Then about a year ago I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the popularity of metal all around the globe and it listed some of the hot bands from other parts of the world making metal music. I decided then to think about doing a metal show.

Then this summer I picked up and read one of the 33 1/3 series about Metallica’s Black Album. Who knew what an important disc this was and how important this band was. This edition of 33 1/3 was written by David Masciotra. It is the 108th in the series. For more about the series – check this out.

Still I kept putting it off. Well the deal was finally sealed when I caught the You Tube video of Metallica on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It was meant to be.

So I’m giving it a whirl tonight. There will be plenty of Metallica, some tracks from the Godfathers of metal, tracks from the Big 4 metal bands, some of the world metal, some humorous stuff, and some soundtrack stuff. It sounds pretty good at home – hope you will enjoy it as well.

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106 January 30th, 2017

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