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Of course they came for the musicians. They always come for the musicians — people who can speak directly to your soul, even without the use of language, are the most dangerous of all.

The first hour of Global A Go-Go this week is devoted to musicians who, all of a sudden, are unwelcome in the eyes of America’s government. You’ll hear from active artists who happen to be natives of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

All of them will currently find it difficult if not impossible to travel to the USA; one of them holds a green card and may not be able to come home to the USA; one of them is here now and will be performing in Richmond in March. Apparently their art is subversive, threatening to the powers that temporarily be. That’s why I’m playing it.

Omar Souleyman begs to differ:

For more reading (and listening) on the subject: Pitchfork, Associated Press, Bandcamp, All Songs Considered.

Also this week: the Sahara Desert’s Kel Tamasheq, not so good at politics but geniuses with the guitar; and some funky Latin sounds to cleanse your palate.


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96 February 1st, 2017

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