Friday Morning Breakfast Blend presents:

There’s nothing particularly special about today’s playlist. No theme. Barely any politics. And no
hidden meaning. But it’s special to me — and hopefully to you — because each and every song
was chosen without the interference of a corporation, a court of law or a government censor.
(Not to mention those nasty musical algorithms.) It’s just a bunch of awesome songs I really, really like that I get to play for you. In other words, it’s the glorious sound of Independence.

Independence can sound messy and unpredictable, occasionally silly and irrational, but it’s
always, always earnest, honest and, most importantly, unedited. I love this station. And I am so happy to celebrate it’s birthday tonight — and contribute to it’s continued existence week after week.

Let’s cherish our Independent voice — here at WRIR and beyond. And let’s do everything it takes
to preserve it.

Rock on, Richmond Independent Radio.


113 February 3rd, 2017

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