The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit presents:

Hey Listeners,

When Mike R asked me if I wanted to give away tickets to see That 1 Guy, I quickly looked him on the web and told Mike – looks kind of weird, but sure why not. Well one thing to another and I landed on an idea for tonight’s show.

I’ll start with some one-man band action (and we’ll give away the tickets to see That 1 Guy at The Camel tomorrow night) and from there it’s on to songs featuring your non-garden variety instruments. It’s a great playlist – so keep it tuned here and enjoy the show. In addition to That 1 Guy, you’ll ere Jonh Schooley and His ne Man Band, Scott H. Biram’s new record, Emmitt Rhodes, Bonerama, Those Darn Accordions and instruments from the didgeridoo, the theremin, and even a vacuum.

The Haberdasher

Check out more about That 1 Guy –


106 February 20th, 2017

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