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I’ve been thinking since I started this show that it would be fun to do a more personal episode entirely with songs that I first heard while travelling, and which are tied to specific places and stories. Since it’s been about a year since I came back to ‘Murica I figured this is about as good a time as any, so I started the playlist, and then found out it’ll be my last Kisses n Fishes. (Don’t fret though, you’ll still be able to hear me on your FM and at a much more reasonable hour; from now on I’m blending breakfast from 6-8 am every friday). Anywho, enjoy these favorites from India, Egypt, and Australia, I’m gonna try not to talk too much.
Shokran, Duniva, Merci, Danka, y Gracias,
Princess Beet Farmer


170 March 6th, 2017

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