Hip-Hop for the Rest of Us presents:

Black Liquid is NOT on vacation, first of all. He never rests. I honestly doubt he even sleeps. He’s performing at SOUNDSET right now, which is awesome. That guy’s really got it going on. And since he’s out of town doing that, Noah Page is filling in this week. He’s also covering for Anderson Hayes again this week. No word on the exact whereabouts of Anderson, but that dude is very cool for letting me fill in for him twice!

Anyway, until next week: it’s Noah Page. Once again. Playing that rap you need. Freestyling with the same ol’ gang we all know and love.

Man, this was crazy though. What a night. Reppa Ton, RT, Lithium God, Kevin Sosa, Dub and Vos. Vos kills it. Reppa Ton and RT both put in minutes. Not bars! Minutes. Lithium God provided most of the beats and loved life. Noah wasn’t perfect. He’s pretty good at the radio, but you know. Still new.

I bet right now Black Liquid is probably shopping for a bathing suit, but can’t find a black one. And then Anderson Hayes is like, “Listen, Noah is on the radio hosting our shows.” And they listen to it for a second. And Black Liquid gets mad about it and says “I’ll just swim in my pants or whatever.”

Nah, I bet this was good. I played that Mystikal song from last year (last year?). More new indie stuff too.


216 May 28th, 2017

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