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Wow. You guys really wanted to talk to Noah Page today! That was the most I’ve ever seen the phone ring during one show. Of course, I haven’t been here too too tooooo long yet. I’m just saying: no one knows for sure if it’s because I’m awesome. But it was great to hear from everyone who enjoyed the show!

“Was there a theme?” Sort of. I was going for stuff in between the classics and the deep underground, indie stuff. Medium popularity stuff. That’s the stuff I think we forget the most. The stuff you might never hear again, if you’re not careful! That’s why I’m here. To take you back to those moments you don’t even remember having. Like, remember that time Black Liquid told me I was his best friend? Sure, that definitely happened!

Anyway: pop songs that weren’t huge hits (even though they tried) like Summer Girls. The forgotten genre of aaaalmost fusion funky jazz from the late 90s that I don’t know what you call that. Of course, bonus tracks and album cuts you could’ve missed when all of a sudden this stuff is 18 years old, at least. And those rare weird gems I like to throw in, like Rowlf the Dog’s solo project.

Finally, Phil Collins at Live Aid. This rendition of Against All Odds may be Phil’s finest moment, for real! And it isn’t as known as the album version, for sure. I don’t know why I think I need to make a case for it. It’s really good. And you don’t hear it everyday, at least not this way. Plus, you guys know my style. A little bit of familiarity here and there among all this new and interesting stuff is nice every once in a while. You know it. These songs you already know, they’re mementos you might pull out of your pocket every so often on this crazy journey set to music we’re on everyday. They remind us where we’ve been.

Happy Father’s Day to the End of the Century. It begat the beginning of this Century, so that counts as a dad, right? I don’t count as a dad, btw! I’m nobody’s dad. Lady Dad is just a name. I’ll feel bad if you wish me a Happy Father’s Day. Give your love to the real dads of the world.

Let’s just call me Noah. Noah Page. Not a lady or a dad. Ladies and dads are both good, I wouldn’t mind being either. But I’m not. Noah Page is a more accurate description.


216 June 17th, 2017

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