Fontaine here today 6-8pmEDT, playing music from local and regional bands. I’ve got Grass Panther, The You Go Girls, The Diamond Center, Trillions, Rattlemouth, Lamb of God, etc, etc. Enjoy your flag cake!

AIM: WhatTheFontaine Phone: 804.649.9737
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Ululating Mummies – We Cannot Be Hurt
Honor Role – Following Footprints
Rocket 69 – Stop This Planet

The Technical Jed – Liquid
RPG – True White Star
Mudd Helmut – Give Me Sensation
Grass Panther – Over the Underground
King Sour – Palookaville

League of Space Pirates – Enlarged Heart  [7/27 @Poe Museum]
Dead Fame – We Can Run

The Milkstains – Pathos  [7/10 @Cary St Cafe]
The Trillions – I.C.C.B.  [tonight @The Camel]
The You Go Girls – Y’all Don’t Want Me to Beg

Erik Larson – Passing Giants
Avail – Scuffle Town
Beex – He Obliterates Me
The Vacant Stairs – I Wait

Rattlemouth – Binta Madiallo  [7/7 @Garden Grove Brewery]
The Diamond Center – 20 Twin (live at WRIR 11/4/10)

Noble Chicken – Schwarzenegger Uber Alles
Inquisition – Warning (live May ’07)
Strike Anywhere – Failed State

Hoboknife – Lusting for Vengeance  [7/4 @Strange Matter]
Prisoner – Detritus  [earlier @Vinyl Conflict]

Lamb of God – The Number Six
Parasytic – Traitor

Dimesland (ex-RVA) – Are They Cannibals?
One Ring Zero (ex-RVA) – Frankenstein Monster Song  (lyrics by Margaret Atwood)

Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home

Grouser – Baby, You Set the World Afire
Snacktruck – Presence Charm
Bowl Ethereal – The Witchery

Sordid Doctrine – Gasoline Man

Druglord – Misery Feeder  [9/14 @Strange Matter]

109 July 1st, 2017


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