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Hey Listeners,

So several months ago on Facebook it seems like everyone was playing the here are 10 concerts I saw, but one of them is not real. Well around that time I started making a longer list of the most memorable concerts (for whatever reason) I had ever attended. Anyway I filed it away and thought maybe one day it would be a good source of songs for a show.

Then this summer young Malcolm was home from college and I suggested he look through a huge stash of ticket stubs I had been saving (it turns out for 40 years) and make a collage of the tickets for a frame in my new office. Well Malcolm got after it and we had a blast looking through stubs. It took me way back and hopefully the war stories about “when dad was cool” didn’t bore him too much. Anyway here is a picture of the finished product.

So as he was finishing up the poster I suggested he put together a show with tracks from the bands that I had ticket stubs for. Well he liked the idea and tonight he’s playing the songs of my youth and more recent live shenanigans.

Your hosts:

Thanks for tuning in I’ll post a list of some of the more memorable live shows I caught – a little later. Actually check out The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit Facebook page later this week – I’ll post it there.

Thanks Malcolm for your work on the poster and for putting together the Ticket Show!

The Haberdasher


106 July 17th, 2017

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