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Fontaine here today 5-7pmEDT (back to RCL’s old timeslot!), playing music from local and regional bands. I’m gonna play some artists that are playing WRIR’s Commonwealth of Notions Vol. 7 event at Strange Matter. Plus I’ve got a bunch of other local bands with upcoming gigs. And a few chestnuts, too. CON7

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Jazz Poets Society – What If (Rosa Parks Had a Car)

RPG – Alcohol
Beex – Depression Time

Randy Wyszpolski – Satellite Life  [happy birthday!]

Opin – Get Home  [tonight @SMatter]
Mylo Shift – If I Was President
Sammi Lanzetta – Anxiety Olympics  [tonight @SMatter]
Sports Bar – I Was Going to Shave My Beard, But I Took a Nap Instead  [last nt @SMatter]

McKinley Dixon – The Everyday People  [tonight @SMatter]
Black Liquid – Show Business  [tonight @SMatter]

Serqet – Poison Apple  [7/26 @SMatter]

The You Go Girls – Punk Rock Dance Band  [tonight @Flora]

Stake – Pray for Death  [7/26 @SMatter]
Hallelujah! – Designer Shrugs  [8/6 @Banditos]
Gumming – Lockjaw  [8/6 @Banditos]

Unmaker – Cryosleeper  [8/1 @SMatter, 8/25 @Banditos]
The Skin – Street Keyz  [8/25 @Banditos]
Shadow Age – Reign (live at WRIR 4/17/15)  [7/27 @SMatter, 8/31 @SMatter]

Murdersome – Democide  [8/16 @SMatter]
Occultist – Iron Distort  [8/16 @SMatter]
Humungus – Warband  [8/16 @SMatter]

Stephanie – Date with Lisa  [10/30 @SMatter]
Mutwawa – March of the Mutwawa Police  [8/13 @Banditos]
Navi – L.A.S.E.R.  [8/4 @Camel, Don’t Look Back Fest]

The Tom and Marty Band – Mr. Fancy Pants
Milkstains – Sand Rash  [7/28 @SMatter]

Butterglove – Fire-Assed by Grampy
Brainflower – Maldoror
Hoi Polloi – Warhead
Bay of Pigs – Barbwire Push

Venus Throw – Twelve Glass Soldiers
Chrome Daddy Disco – Bottom of the Barrel

109 July 22nd, 2017

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