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The inspiration — and content! — for this show comes from two Richmond institutions: the late Page Wilson, a wonderful singer-songwriter/DJ who hosted the “Out Of The Blue Radio Review” for decades on local Richmond radio, and who died at age 56 in March 2011 … and from the great Plan 9 Records, a Richmond record store that has set the standard for independent music retailers for 30 years. This past weekend, Plan 9’s owner, Jim Bland, who had purchased Page’s CD collection from the musician years ago, put the collection up for sale in his Carytown store. So Saturday morning at 10am, I joined a group of Page fans in flipping through thousands of CDs to find music I didn’t have, hard-to-find and out-of-print titles, and duplicate copies of some of my favorite releases. Success! This show features some of my favorite Page Wilson discoveries, and some great music that I hadn’t thought about for years — all from his “Out Of The Blue Radio Review” collection. RIP, Page, and best wishes to Plan 9 for keeping the spirit of independent music (and record stores) alive!


124 July 31st, 2017

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