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First of all: click here to listen to last night’s episode. Or right click over here and do “Save as” or whatever to download it. You NEED this one. Especially since last week the podcast thingy was messed up. Trust me. Don’t keep not hearing it. This is an IMPORTANT radio program. And we’re all just lucky we have the chance to hear it after the fact. Now, let me get to it. What even was last night?

Well well well. Well well well! WELL WELL WELL. If it isn’t these guys again. These Secret guys. These Bonus Level Guys.

You may have noticed throughout this episode, we often asked the question, “Are we on the air? Should we perform now?” And you may have thought to yourself, “Do these guys know they’re on the air? Do they know that they should perform now?” Let me just assure you really quickly: we knew. For all you know these were rhetorical, existential queries. Maybe the theme of tonight’s show was just sort of a general sense of amazement and wonder at the mysterious radio predicament we’ve all found ourselves in here on Secret Bonus Level, right? We were saying this stuff because we were honestly just kind of awestruck by how amazing of a job we were doing. We even surprise ourselves with how great this show is. Sometimes we’re all just like, “How is this even real? How did this incredible life become ours? Is this fantastic journey even possible? ARE we even on the air? SHOULD we even perform now?” This is just high concept stuff. Sometimes it helps to have it explained to you in laymen’s terms. In case you mistakenly thought, I don’t know, that maybe there were technical problems or something. And NOPE. None of that happened. Nothing like that AT ALL. We MEANT for it to be like that.

Anyway, now that we’ve cleared that up, unquestionably and for absolutely certain:

MIGHY MONDE. AARON BROWN. Gosh, our two new friends were GREAT.

Armando Munoz is a very impressive guy. He’s pushing the boundaries of rap in some really interesting ways. You may know Mighty Monde from Kings, or you may know him from The Flavor Project, or you may know him from those cool Latin records he spins at City Dogs, or you may remember him from ANYTHING I DON’T KNOW HE DOES SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF. Sorry, guys. I get a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the crazy, awesome stuff that the unlockable secret characters on Secret Bonus Level do. They’re INTENSE. Anyway, Monde’s got an EP called Gazpacho coming out soon, then and album called Hecho en Mexico (I think! I don’t hablo Espanol muy bueno; lo siento). Monde is a very cool, humble guy in person. He took a few turns on the mic, he really shone, and then he stepped aside and let someone else in there. Very cool. We were all like, “Who is that smooth voice out of nowhere?” every so often. And then he was gone.

Aaron Brown too. A BRAND NEW friend. A newly unlocked secret character. This guy. Man. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t even know his origin story. Maybe he got bitten by a radioactive microphone. Or maybe his parents were gunned down by a sick beat when he was a kid. I really have no idea. What I DO know is that he spit out an impressive number of VERY NICE verses tonight. And now he’s best friends with FREAKOLAFAT.

Freakolafat, ladies and gentlemen. SINGIN’. Yes, with the I, N, APOSTROPHE. “Singin’.” If you don’t know, Freakodise II is already bursting out of it’s egg. And after last night, we all NEED TO HEAR IT even more. Gosh, don’t sleep on it. You’ll be up ALL night. With us! 1am-3am. So wait, maybe DO sleep on it? NO DON’T. I’m confusing myself with my creative writing style.

Sanji and This() came back again. Sanji destroyed as always. Bark at him when you see him! He’s an animal. He’ll know what you mean. Also, Sanji gave me some crayons. I liked that! Now I can color. And I’ve gotta say: I missed This(). He has a particular style I’ve never heard from any other rapper.

What else, what else? THE BAND kicked it into SUPER high gear tonight. New drum machines. Switching instruments. Joe on the keyboard. Johnson on the guitar. Brandon STILL with those bass fills. Brandon STILL holding it down like THWUMP BUMP BAAAAAAAH. Whew! Is there anything these guys CAN’T do? Suck, I guess? They just CAN’T suck.

Can I just say real fast that our engineers are the best too? Princess Beat Farmer, once again, took VERY good care of us. All of our diapers changed and whatever. And Jay Westermann. Once again. Swooping in to really lock us down. I owe those two BIG time. I mean NOAH PAGE does. I keep forgetting to do my third person thing. I don’t want you to forget that I’m NOAH PAGE. It’s really my show. REALLY! I know I’m never on it. But I like that, honestly. This show is for everyone. Especially you. But also: it’s for me. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Is that confusing? I don’t give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


216 August 10th, 2017

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