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Rah Scrilla. fogDuck. Skweek. Domo. Four great rappers who didn’t show up. I was sad. But I love those guys. I just hope they’re okay. People have had their cars break down and been locked up all while they were on the way to Secret Bonus Level. It’s a jungle in here. I just hope that didn’t happen to these guys. Idk. Rah Scrilla and fogDuck eventually let us know that they were fine and would pop by next week instead. And that’s a relief. Bumped into Domo eventually too, so she’s alive and well. Has anyone heard from Skweek? Just let us know he’s okay! Not dead or in a car accident or in jail!

DUB was there though. And PAUL IVEY.

AND OF COURSE: We heard the last two of the EXCLUSIVE tracks Freakolafat gave us from Freakodise. Guys, no one has ever played these before on the radio ANYWHERE EVER. THIS is your FIRST and ONLY chance to hear them! So check them out! You won’t be disappointed. Except in YOURSELF for not getting into Freakolafat SOONER.

Yeah, Dub. Dub is a guy I’ve met a bunch of times. He’s always impressed me, to be sure, but tonight he really shone. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him rap quite like this. His turns on the microphone were truly impressive. He also DESTROYED a Backstreet Boys song. We were really blown away by it. Some technical problems Noah Page caused threw him off part-way through, but he really killed it. And that was one of our best games of Can You Rap To That to date.

Yeah, let’s talk about that. Freakolafat got “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Sanji got “Who Are You” by The Who. Both LONG tracks. Around six minutes each. Both DESTROYED. We were watching these guys from the booth/control panel/mothership/safe room the whole time thinking, “Wow, are they really about to finish these beats? That seems ridiculous.” But they did!

And Paul Ivey. Of course you know Paul from his show, Time is Tight, which comes in WRIR on Friday nights 7pm to 9pm. I always tell people there is no show on the radio other than Secret Bonus Level that has a live band on it every single week, but Paul’s show Time is Tight gives us a run for our money sometimes. He’s had a different live performance on his show aaaaaalmost every week for about a month now, and it looks like he’s planned more going out a month or so in advance. So he’s a kindred spirit, to say the least. But tonight, for the first time ever, Paul took a turn on the microphone RAPPING.

Of course the band was on point all night, despite Noah Page taking a few too many turns on the microphone. The Secret Bonus Band Level is GOOD, you guys. If you don’t know, I don’t know how you don’t know. DON’T NOT KNOW! Wheel that T-shirt cabinet right out of the corner and prop up this goodness on it JUST LIKE WE DO. I almost wish you could see them in action. As they get tighter, they’re developing all these tricks and hacks to work together. They have hand signals. And secret code words. “Ethiopian,” Pickle Rick AKA Johnson AKA Justin will whisper to Brandon Rice. “Secret Bonus Anthem,” Joe Barry will tell Jesse from The Exploder. Next episode we’ll have to do a little background on each guy.

IF THERE IS A NEXT EPISODE! What if next week NO ONE shows up? Not even NOAH PAGE? Not even VOS? Not even the SECRETS? That probably won’t happen. Or WILL IT?

I guess you’ll just have to listen in to find out!


216 August 24th, 2017

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