The Church of the Ecstatic presents:

I’ve been in a very cyberpunk mood, from the shows and games I’ve been watching, to the tech I’ve been using, to the magazines I’ve been reading and news I’ve been absorbing.

We’re in Space Year 2017, where anything is possible. I have a calculator watch, our President sends messages over Twitter, you can listen to this show because the internet, we can print 3d objects out of plastics made of cornstarch, and research anything and anywhere on earth. I can talk to my tablet, or maybe it can listen to me. Hackers are ACTUALLY affecting things, and it’s not just science fiction anymore.

The future is scary, but also incredible. This is my soundtrack while I ponder how I’m going to replace my limbs as I get old and they give way, and eventually become a cyborg.

wish I could give credit for the above image, but I found it in this lovely imgur gallery of cyberpunk pixel art – good background images for this show!


123 September 20th, 2017

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