The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Spring is right around the corner. In the meantime, we have great music to keep you occupied until it actually happens. Enjoy today’s selections.

HOUR # 1

David Bertrand/South 1st/Palmyra & Other Places/Blue Jazz/2018
Robert Kennedy/Sandu/Closer To Home/RKM/2017
Margo Rey/Speak Low/The Roots of Rey/Origin/2018
Jambalaya Brass Band/Still Walking Back/Havana to New Orleans/819 West Music/2018
George Cotsirilos Quartet/Down, Not Out/Mostly In Blue/OA2/2018
Keith O’Rourke/Miss Jones”i’sh’/Sketches/ Chronograph/2017
Jeff Baker/Not Cause I Wanted to/Phrases/OA2/2018
Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet/Consternation/Smilessence/Pittman Daniels Music/2017
Scott Hamilton Trio/Darn That Dream/Live At Pyatt Hall/Cellar Live/2017
Julian Lage/General Thunder/Modern Lore/Mack Avenue/2018
Hristo Vitchev Quartet/Selective Absorption/Of Light & Shadows/FirstOrbit Sounds/2018
Mario Cruz/Is It This Or Is It That ?/Finding Common Ground/MCM/2017

HOUR # 2

Wali Ali/Poinciana/To Be/Mendicant Records/2017
Adam Shulman Sextet/Full Tilt/Full Tilt/Cellar/Live/2017
Mike Vax & Ron Romm/I Remember Clifford/Collaboration/Summit/2017
Jeff Hamilton Trio/In Walked Bud/Live From San Pedro/Capri Records/2018
Ira B. Liss Big Band/Oleo/Tasty Tunes/Tallman Productions/2017
The Heavyweights Brass Band/Hands Down Lo’/This City/Lulaworls Records/2018
Dan Block/Light Blue/Block Party/Miles High Records/2017
Melody Gardot/Les Etoiles/Live In Europe/Decca-Verve/2017
Alfredo Rodriguez/Vamos Todos A Cantar/The Little Dream/Mack Avenue/2018
Kristina Koller/You Go To My Head/Perception/KKM/2017
Dawn Clement/I Think Of You/Tandem/Origin/2018
Brenda Navarrete/A Ochun/Alma Records/2018

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