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I’ll play him in hour 2, but Frank Ocean released a new album! Celebrate!


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what happens when you take a nap instead of working on your playlist? Find out RIGHT HERE.

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we will get the show started tonight with new music from pig and dismantled!

plus, i will be playing a whole bunch of other songs you should like too, including your requests (which you should also like)!

upcoming shows:

echo & the bunnymen on september 9th @ 9:30 club, washington, d.c.
pig, en esch, peter turns pirate on september 11th @ fallout, richmond, va
youth code w/container, mutwawa, r-complex on september 12th @ strange matter, richmond, va
angelspit, die sektor, the dead room on september 17th @ recessions, washington, d.c.
the cult w/the new regime on september 18th @ the norva, norfolk, va
electric six w/in the whale on october 2nd @ the black cat, washington, d.c.
the legendary pink dots w/orbit service on october 3rd @ the black cat, washington, d.c.
the faint w/gang of four on october 8th @ 9:30 club, washington, d.c.
crystal castles on october 8th @ the black cat, washington d.c.

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Over the Edge  facebook squareAfter two weeks of Latino musical obscurities (and yes I will admit some really good Gringo poseurs), this week I tried to yank the wheel to the middle of the musical road, with a show of what was intended to be more typical “Amurikan”  pop type tunes.  But nothing is simple or predictable in the land of OTEOPN, so expect unexpected but perfectly perfect segues, mashups, confluences  and surprises.  While you won’t necessarily hear them in the show, all of the following had a hand in the outcome of tonight’s playlist:  rain on the Rugby tin roof, Butch Vig’s first band (trivia question anyone), Bugs Bunny cartoons,  a 19 year old’s road rage, werewolves, Norah Jones’ step sister, Michael Jackson, and Bikini Kill.  Enjoy. DJ Otto JD.

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Anna G. here again for Will A. Get ready to rock!
playlist here

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Ian & Sylvia from the way back machine!

Went through a bunch of compilation releases to put together today’s show.

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Get pumped!!! This morning I’m playing the soundtrack of success – triumph and “you can do it”-ness.

Set list below 🙂


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Hey Listeners,

It’s the dog days of summer. My fall calendar is filling up fast. Tonight though just sit back and relax and enjoy my selection – chosen with care for each and every one of you.

Giving away tickets to see Matisyahu at The Broadberry during the first hour.

The Haberdasher

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Here again with another LA/NOLA mix of great sounds from the greatest music state in the USA! Thanks for checking it out … and hope you enjoy the show!

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For the past few weeks here in the Saloon I’ve been sharing some songs in certain categories that are sometimes thought to be atypical of alt-country or Americana, but that actually fit that genre very comfortably. A couple of weeks ago I took a look at “speaking songs” – – talking blues; country-rap; cowboy poetry, and other music that used spoken words (or nearly spoken words) as all or part of the song. Last week it was “ebony twang” or “Afro-Americana” – – black artists who fit underneath the alt-country/Americana musical umbrella. Today I’ll concentrate on some of the female artists who fit those styles, because that music is often thought of as being overwhelmingly male-dominated. By sheer numbers that may be true, but focusing on quality reveals that women artists are fully capable of standing toe-to-toe with the men. I’ll be casting a wide net, both timewise and stylistically, in order to try to capture as many styles as I reasonably can in two short hours. Listen in, and enjoy!

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