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Ian & Sylvia from the way back machine!

Went through a bunch of compilation releases to put together today’s show.

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Get pumped!!! This morning I’m playing the soundtrack of success – triumph and “you can do it”-ness.

Set list below 🙂


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Hey Listeners,

It’s the dog days of summer. My fall calendar is filling up fast. Tonight though just sit back and relax and enjoy my selection – chosen with care for each and every one of you.

Giving away tickets to see Matisyahu at The Broadberry during the first hour.

The Haberdasher

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Here again with another LA/NOLA mix of great sounds from the greatest music state in the USA! Thanks for checking it out … and hope you enjoy the show!

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For the past few weeks here in the Saloon I’ve been sharing some songs in certain categories that are sometimes thought to be atypical of alt-country or Americana, but that actually fit that genre very comfortably. A couple of weeks ago I took a look at “speaking songs” – – talking blues; country-rap; cowboy poetry, and other music that used spoken words (or nearly spoken words) as all or part of the song. Last week it was “ebony twang” or “Afro-Americana” – – black artists who fit underneath the alt-country/Americana musical umbrella. Today I’ll concentrate on some of the female artists who fit those styles, because that music is often thought of as being overwhelmingly male-dominated. By sheer numbers that may be true, but focusing on quality reveals that women artists are fully capable of standing toe-to-toe with the men. I’ll be casting a wide net, both timewise and stylistically, in order to try to capture as many styles as I reasonably can in two short hours. Listen in, and enjoy!

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Rank Artist Album Label
1 Hank & Cupcakes Cheap Thrill self-released
2 Mitski Puberty 2 Dead Oceans
3 BAT Wings of Chains Hells Headbangers
4 Avers Omega/Whatever EggHunt
5 Get in the Car Get in the Car self-released
6 Pete Curry Doin’ Nothin’ Crystal Pistol
7 Father John Misty Real Love Baby [single] Sub Pop
8 Slow Club One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore Moshi Moshi
9 Martha Blisters in the Pit of My Heart Dirtnap
10 Lydia Loveless Real Bloodshot
11 Whitney Light Upon The Lake Secretly Canadian
12 The Julie Ruin Hit Reset Sub Pop
13 MOURN Ha, Ha, He. Captured Tracks
14 Dinosaur Jr. Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not Jagjaguwar
15 Summer Cannibals Full of It Kill Rock Stars
16 Steve Gunn Eyes on the Lines Matador
17 Honey Radar Blank Cartoon What’s Your Rupture?
18 Puro Instinct Autodrama Manifesto
19 Thee Oh Sees A Weird Exits Castle Face
20 Wilco If I Ever Was a Child [single] dBpm / Anti-
21 Thalia Zedek Band Eve Thrill Jockey
22 The Smoking Trees The Archer and the Bull Burger
23 Whyte Horses Pop or Not CRC
24 Moonwalks In Light (the Scales in the Frame) self-released
25 Blood Orange Freetown Sound Domino
26 Anthony D’Amato Cold Snap New West
27 Japanese Breakfast Psychopomp Dead Oceans
28 Ali Beletic Legends of These Lands Left to Live Lightning
29 Jay Som I Think You’re Alright b/w Rush Fat Possum
30 Earth Heart Homesick self-released

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I’m going to pretend that the summer break isn’t over. No no no no no. Too many things on my “summer to-do” list are not yet crossed off.

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Thats right Folks Covers and all that

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And if you are regualr listener to the Slop, you knew that already! If this is your first time listening to the show welcome aboard! Tonight’s episode features a mix from the homie Trev-Ski of MOdERN CLASS in Washington, DC and revolves around some boogie jams from ’82!

Diggin’ what you hear or just have questions about the selection?  Gimme a call at the studio: 804.649.9737, tweet me @thediscocat or reach out on the Cosmic Slop Facebook page!


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