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If it’s Friday, it’s time for Open Source RVA! On today’s show, Dale Brumfield talks to artist Noah Scalin about mixing art and business, his band and new book League of Space Pirates and his appearance at Hardywood’s Brew-Ho-Ho event on Sunday. And hold on to your milk mustache! Our “Open Face” food correspondent Piet E Jones will discuss heavy cream and all things dairy with Brandon Montgomery of Homestead Creamery, Inc. We also present another installment of Curtain Call, our bi-weekly segment on Richmond’s theater scene produced by the Richmond Theater Critics Circle. Too much radio show? You decide. Listen at 2PM to 97.3 FM WRIR or go online to

Another show with a ton of new music. Same old thing.


Pack your bags, Richmond, pack lightly and thoughtfully, and lace up your boots nice and tight.

We’re going on a whirlwind Winnebago tour, brought to you by yours truly, and guided by our Sagittarius in residence, my angel friend Taylor, here to curate a set and be our tour guide through the stars this evening.

We’ll pack our bags, begin our journey, make some stops along the way consulting our compass and map as needed, do a Q & A with Taylor, and regroup and redirect, getting our bearings and finding our direction, all the while sending some love to all four corners and directions of the city.

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We’ll start the show by taking a moment to pay homage and give love and remembrance to those who lost their lives in the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire and their loved ones with a track by Them Are Us Too, a band I really love and have played frequently. Cash Askew, a band member, was one of the people who passed in the fire.


If you want to help, as promised, the link to donate is

This fund helps with the funeral and end of life cost of three trans women who lost their lives in the Ghost Ship Fire, Em Bohlka, Feral Pines, and Cash Askew, and the medical expenses of another trans woman who was injured but thankfully survived. The remainder will be donated in Feral Pines’ name to continue to fund resources, services, legal fees, etc. for trans people across the U.S.



Filling in for Derek Sunshine Tonight!


I’m filling in for Derek tonight!


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