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Last Sunday in August. The year is really rolling on. We’ve got a lot of new stuff to share with you today. Enjoy.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK INCLUDE: Kenny Drew, Charlie Parker, Dinah Washington, Bennie Mauphin, Kenny Dorham, Art Pepper, Gene
Harris, Clifford Jordan, Horace Silver, Larry Ridley, Roy Brooks, Peter Bernstein, Onaje Allen Gumbs,
Wilton Felder, Davis Sanchez, Mickey Roker and Larry Ridley.

HOUR   #  1

Horace Silver/We’ve Got Silver @ Six/Hard Bop Grandpop/Impulse/1996
Jerry Bergonzi/Witchcraft/Spotlight on Standards/Savant/2016
Michika Fukumori/Somewhere/Quality Time/Summit/2016
Tina Marx/Can’t Take That Away From Me/Shades of Love/TMM/2016
Bob Mintzer All L.A. Band/Home Basie/All L.A. Band/Fuzzy Music/2016
Kenia/Coming Home/On We Go/Mooka Records/2016
Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra/Malaguena/Storming Through The South/Summit/2016
Silvano Monasterios/Awash With Secrets/Partly Sunny/Savant/2016
Diane Witherspoon/Wild Is The Wind/”Live”/Lifeforce Jazz/2016

Reggie Watkins/Primrose Path/Avid Admirer/BYNK Records/2016

Michael Blum Quartet/You Look Good To Me/Chasin’ Oscar/MBM/2016

Russ Miller Jazz Orchestra/Taking A Chance on Lover/ You & The Night & The Music/RMM/2016

HOUR  #  2

Elew/Lil Luba/Elew & The Republic/Sunnyside/2016
Steve Kirby/I Hear A Rhapsody/Illuminations/Whaling City Sound/2016
Barbara Dane/Throw It Away/Throw It Away/Dreadnaught Music 2016
Scott Tixier/Maze Walker/Cosmic Adventure/Sunnyside/2016
Jimmy O’Connell/Bolivia/Arrhythmia/Outside Music/2016
D-Erania/Native Beauty/Language of The Heart/Everlove Music/2016
Daniela Schachter/Come Fly With Me/Vanheusenism/Purple Butterfly/2016
Harold Lopez-Nussa/Africa/El Viaje/Mack Avenue/2016
Lou Caimano-Eric Olsen/Finch’han dal vino/Dyad Plays Jazz Arias/Ringwood/2016

Anthony E, Nelson,Jr./I’ll Be A Fool/Swift To Hear,Slow To Speak/Music Stand Records/2016

Edward Simon/Libertango/Latin America Songbook/Sunnyside/2016


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Good Morning. Let’s get a Sunday Jazz groove on.

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sdonwrir’s playlist:
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Gene and Carmen from the British breakfast are covering this edition of A Party of one!

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Sometimes you gotta switch things up, either gradually or all at once. Like these guys. (see playlist)

Call up! 804-649-9737

Tweet! WRIRDJDustin

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hard stuff

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If you’ve always wanted to volunteer at WRIR, but don’t know where to start, why not hangout with our volunteers who are part of our Production Committee? Yeah, not the most exciting name, but what they do is exciting and beneficial to the station! The goal of the team is to train WRIR volunteers on audio production and editing using Audacity and Audition. You get hands on experience creating station IDs, promos and possibly run sound for a band or show host. People who are interested in hosting a talk show learn how to create a pilot and then ultimately a show. Current volunteers hone their skills to make their shows sound as pristine as Ira Glass.

They met every Saturday, 2-4pm, at the station, 1621 W. Broad Street, 2nd floor, above The Camel. Best to email the team to let them know you are interested:

Thanks to Baylen for starting the team and Cameron and Krysti for leading the weekly hangouts.

In April, Senator Tim Kaine visited WRIR’s studios for an exclusive interview with the hosts of Open Source RVA. Senator Kaine talked about the resolution that he wrote when he was mayor of Richmond that helped to put WRIR and low power radio on the map. And yes, Don did ask about his potential nomination as vice president. You can hear the two part interview at the show’s on soundcloud. Open Source RVA is WRIR’s weekly news show. Don hosts the show with a variety of others who talk about the city’s theater scene, restaurants and happenings. Follow them on Facebook @OpenSourceRVA to see who else will come into WRIR’s studios for an interview. Open Source RVA airs every Friday, 2-3p, and repeats on Sunday, 7a.

I can’t tell you how many times, someone suggests that WRIR should do a talk show about Richmond’s thriving music scene. It only makes sense. We’re the only radio station who regularly plays Richmond bands. Our live studio hosts a who’s who of Richmond rockers. Our volunteers and listeners are part of the city’s talent pool. Ladies and gentleman, presenting Tympanum Effect: a show that highlights the creative people who enrich our city’s music scenes and delves into lesser known territories of song and sound. Hosted by JR and guest producers, it airs every other Saturday at 5pm. JR shares why this show will help Richmond’s music scene and offers insights to anyone interested in hosting a program on WRIR. Keep reading –> Read more…

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