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Playing Now:
Tulsa Drone - Chiaroscuro

Thanks for tuning in,
Michael Miracle

(BrownCo Pick of the Week) GWAR Madnes at the Core of Time
Priestess - Sideways Attack
Wreckdom - Sister Cocaine
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
The Soul Stirrers - Strength Power and Love
Messer Chups - Polivox Box + Garage
Beans F. Tunde Adebimbe - Mellow You Out
Esquivel - So Rare
Neil Finn -- Sinner
Paul Westerburg -- Mr Rabbit
Paul Westerburg -- Let the bad times roll
Meat Puppets -- Sam
Matt Nathanson -- The Girl in the kinks Shirt
The Kinks -- Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Cake -- Stick shifts and Safety Belts
Garland Jeffreys -- Modern Lovers
English Beat -- Mirror in the Bathroom
Vampire Weekend -- Unbelievers
Johhny Maar - Down on the Corner
Lindsay Buckingham -- To Try for the Sun
I just Want to Be your Steve McQueen -- Eytan Minsky
Rufus Wainwright -- Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Thurston Moore - Circulation
Amy Winehouse -- Valerie
Ypants - Off the Hook
Boy Skout - Back to Bed
Battles F. Matias Aguayo - Ice Cream
Belgrado - Clockwise
Microjoy - The New Old School
Elton and Betty White - Climaxation
Tulsa Drone - Chiaroscuro


Michael Miracle

Posted by Michael Miracle on 3/26/14 at 3:56 pm

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interesting listen
Al S on Wed, March 26, 2014 at 10:00 pm
Thanks for showing me around the studio yesterday. It appears I missed your earlier songs from my favorite (Westerberg) and the band in my CD as I drove over (Meat Puppets)but it reinforces what I said on the air - no other radio station dares to play as great a variety (around the clock) that inspires you to go out and get into more music. Tell Jay, the Eytan Minsky song from Tao is great and for some reason, I connect it to The Girl in a Kinks SHirt by Matt Nathanson,so I will have a harder time keeping those two separate in my head from now on. But I still think the Rainbow Minute was cutoff somehow. As I drove away they were discussing his death - so I still don't know how Liberace won that court case.
Mat Taylor on Thu, March 27, 2014 at 5:04 pm
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