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Live Performances for Our 2012 March Fund Drive

We're kicking off the Fund Drive with the traditional Japanese drumming of River City Taiko at 5pm on Friday. 

March 2nd - 5-7pm Global Agogo  - River City Taiko
Taiko is a Japanese ensemble drumming style; it's both folkloric and thoroughly contemporary, with performances that are exhilaratingly athletic and (as you might suspect from a drum band) loud as heck. Since 2010, River City Taiko has been providing the Richmond community with the opportunity to watch and listen to the excitement that is taiko!  Under the direction of Paul Yoon, they started as a student ensemble at the University of Richmond and have expanded to include community members. 

March 2nd - 9-11pm  What The Fontaine -  Occultist 
Join Fontaine for the intense metal of Occultist.  Turn up the volume on your radio and be prepared to be blown away.

Friday Night, March 2nd (Saturday Morning) - 1am - 3am Frenetic Friday - Taking Flame
Stay up for a psychedelic funk extravaganza with Taking Flame.  Your booty will thank you in the morning.

Saturday, March 3rd - 6-9am Intertribal  - Spirit Winds
Wake up to the ancient sounds of Native American flutes with Spirit Winds.  This Virginia Beach ensemble expresses their connection to the Creator with this timeless music.

Saturday March 3rd - 3pm-5pm Songs From the Big Hair - Ambassadors
They may not be from the 80s, but Brooklyn, NY's Ambassadors still play eclectic, keyboard-based indie pop with dramatic flair and buckets of beats.

Saturday March 3rd - 5pm - 7pm River City Limits - League of Space Pirates
Armed with an arsenal of dance beats and precision programming, the League of Space Pirates will be boarding River City Limits and making everyone boogie down the plank.

Tuesday March 6th - 6pm - 7pm Wide Ear Folk - Jonathan Vassar, Jess and Corey Wells
Veteran Richmond Songwriter Jonathan Vassar will be sitting in on Wide Ear Folk with Jesse and Corey Wells for a powerful live performance.  Don't miss this one.

Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird - "Match Made in Heaven" from Richmond Magazine on Vimeo.


Tuesday March 6th - 11pm - 1am Pop Goes The World - Paul Ivey and the Rubes
Enzo has moved to late night and is celebrating with the Paul Ivey's driven guitar rock.

Wednesday March 7th  - 7-9pm Activate! - Janet Martin Band
Veteran Richmond musician Janet Martin will perform during Activate!.  Martin has toured across the US and Europe, wowing audiences with her singing and guitar virtuosity.

Saturday March 10th - 6-9am Intertribal - Sun Shadows
The Sun Shadows Ensemble is an eclectic mix of contemporary Native American and Slovakian flute music along with New Age and Jazz influence. By combining the individual talents of each musician in the ensemble, they blend together musical form, style, and color which creates what can best be described as Sun Shadows.

Saturday March 10th - 9am - 11am  The British Breakfast - Dead Fame
Channeling the new wave of the late 70s and 80s, Dead Fame's live shows have been igniting stages across the city.  Get up early to catch them on the British Breakfast for an exciting in-studio performance in support of their brand new EP.


Saturday March 10th - 1-3pm New Breakfast Snob - The Black Lillies
Earthy and gritty, the songs of Knoxville's The Black Lillies speak of pain, love, revenge, and revelry with the spirit of an old-fashioned, Southern tent revival.

Saturday March 10th - 5-7pm River City Limits - Fire Bison
Fire Bison walks the razor's edge of post-punk angst and pure rock and roll, like a savage urban cowboy with a chip on his shoulder and a knife in his boot.  Tune in for a live performance of this dynamic new Richmond band.

Jack McHale

Posted by Jack McHale on 3/1/12 at 2:44 pm

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