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What is dark matter? How do we treat ear worms? Do we have free will? Have I heard this beat before?

Every week Cause and Effect summons your inner music nerd to identify the influences of your favorite musical groups, explore their work and peers, and play new artists following in their footsteps.  A variety of WRIR DJs scour the Internet for interviews and articles, at times receives direct input from artists and labels, and rely on input from fans to develop a music show destined to be added to your weekly calendar.   See a sample show below:

White stripes =
Influences: Dylan, Leadbelly, Sonics, Flat Duo Jets, Screaming Lord Sutch, Led Zeppelin, Son House

Side projects / band family tree : The Upholsterers, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Loretta Lynn

Peers: Greenhornes, Black Keys, The Von Bondies, The Vines

Tune in every Saturday afternoon from 1-3p.m. for Cause and Effect!

Recent Blog Entries

8/1/15 Ditty Wah Ditty! - Ry Cooder Gets the Cause and Effect Treatment

Hey Listeners,

I have 2nd row tickets to see Ry Cooder at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville later this month.  To get myself ready for the show, I thought it would befun to shae my love for Ry's music with WRIR listeners and giv Ry the spotlight on a Cause and Effect episode.  Tune in - I think you'll really enjoy it whether you are a huge fan, a casual fan, or you know very little about his career.

Ry is the perfect feature for me because his catalogue stretches across so many genres - blue, roots, Americana, jazz, rock, world, blugrass, soundtracks etc. etc. He has a huge body of work spanning six decades so we'll only be scratching the surface, but I'll attempt to give you a taste of all aspects of his career. I personally think Ry is one of our most important artists and his impact is greater than just the music world.  I'm looking forward to today's show and being back on Cause and Effect.

The Haberdasher


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7/25/15 Tori Amos

Tori  Amos!

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7/18/15 Cause & Effect: Manatree!


On today's Cause & Effect, the show will be focusing on Manatree, an indie/math rock/awesomeness band from the great city of Richmond, Virginia. Join Commonwealth of Notions host Shannon Cleary as he talks about the band's upcoming new record, creative peers and influences. We will also be talking about their record release show at The Broadberry on July 25th with local favorites Clair Morgan and Lucy Dacus!

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As Always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting All Things Local!

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7/4/15 Gogol Bordello

It's Gogol Bordello! 


Here's to the 4th!

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6/27/15 Cause & Effect: Disasterpeace


On today's Cause and Effect, The Commonwealth of Notions host Shannon Cleary will be venturing into the dark, digital underworld of composer Disasterpeace. Gaining notoriety this past year for composing the score to the indie darling hit It Follows as well as becoming popular due to work with scoring several video games, Richard Vreeland takes influences from horror movie soundtracks, orchestral pieces, trademarks of the eighties and all sorts of madness. 

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As Always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting All Things Local!

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