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What is dark matter? How do we treat ear worms? Do we have free will? Have I heard this beat before?

Every week Cause and Effect summons your inner music nerd to identify the influences of your favorite musical groups, explore their work and peers, and play new artists following in their footsteps.  JJ and a variety of WRIR DJs scour the Internet for interviews and articles, at times receives direct input from artists and labels, and rely on input from fans to develop a music show destined to be added to your weekly calendar.   See a sample show below:

White stripes =
Influences: Dylan, Leadbelly, Sonics, Flat Duo Jets, Screaming Lord Sutch, Led Zeppelin, Son House

Side projects / band family tree : The Upholsterers, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Loretta Lynn

Peers: Greenhornes, Black Keys, The Von Bondies, The Vines

Tune in every Thursday night from 7-9 for Cause and Effect!

Recent Blog Entries

4/17/14 Cracker

This week's spolight is on Cracker!

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4/10/14 The Cause & Effect of Notions - Hypercolor

Good Evening,

Welcome to the Cause and Effect of Notions! Tonight, I will be showcasing the Richmond band Hypercolor. We are gonna talk influences, peers and debut some new material from their upcoming EP. They are here in the studio with me to chill and chat. It should be a stellar time!

Click "read more" for the playlist!

As Always, Thanks For Tuning In And Supporting All Things Local!

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3/27/14 Cause and Effect: The Notwist

Tonight JJ is backon Air and taking a look at the work of the very awesome, very varied, NOTWIST! Tune In

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3/13/14 The Rolling Stones

"You like the Beatles and I like the Stones..."  Art Brut 

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2/27/14 The Wild Sounds of New Orleans

Hey Listeners,

Tonight I can cross one off of my "DJ Bucket List".  I have been so looking forward to hosting Cause and Effect.  When JJ was looking for some guests I thought this week would make a perfect week (since next Tuesday is Mardi Gras) to do a show featuring the music of New Orleans.  While I'm certainly not the most qualified DJ at WRIR to host this show, hopefully my passion, preparation, and good taste will make up for any shortcomings.

As I pondered what direction to take the show in, I landed on exploring the music of Allen Toussaint.  While he may not be the first artist that comes to mind when you say the music of New Orleans - Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, or the Neville Brothers come to mind as likely suspects - chances are if you named a tune - or you really had to define what makes the sound of New Orleans so unique you'd realize the significance of Allen Toussaint's contribution to the music of New Orleans and the influence his music has had on soul, funk, and pop music in this country.

So tonight we'll begin with some early Tousan sides.  Move into the music of his peers and those artists that helped him create his sound.  Then we'll check out some of the classic recordings by New Orleans artists of his music before spinning a few from his catalogue and then playing some covers of his music from beyond the borders of Louisiana.  We'll finish up with some recent recordings of his and discover that he's still looking back at his own musical roots.

It is my great pleasure to accompany you on this musical journey and to bring the music of Allen Toussaint - National Medal of Arts Award winner, Grammy Trustee Award winner, Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Outer Critics Circle Award For Best Off-Broadway Music, and Rhythm and Blue Foundation Pioneer Award winner - to name just a few - to the WRIR airwaves.  Most importantly and I think this will be evident - I just really dig him.

The Haberdasher

P.S. If you missed it, I'll post a link to the podcast on the MIGFS Show Facebook page tomorrow -


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