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What is dark matter? How do we treat ear worms? Do we have free will? Have I heard this beat before?

Every week Cause and Effect summons your inner music nerd to identify the influences of your favorite musical groups, explore their work and peers, and play new artists following in their footsteps.  A variety of WRIR DJs scour the Internet for interviews and articles, at times receives direct input from artists and labels, and rely on input from fans to develop a music show destined to be added to your weekly calendar.   See a sample show below:

White stripes =
Influences: Dylan, Leadbelly, Sonics, Flat Duo Jets, Screaming Lord Sutch, Led Zeppelin, Son House

Side projects / band family tree : The Upholsterers, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Loretta Lynn

Peers: Greenhornes, Black Keys, The Von Bondies, The Vines

Tune in every Saturday afternoon from 1-3p.m. for Cause and Effect!

Recent Blog Entries

11/21/15 Cause and Effect with LJ: Lana Del Rey

(And YEEESSSS... that is brand new Bowie!)
(And the background music is Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain)

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11/14/15 Art Brut

Today's show is on Art Brut  !

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11/7/15 The Rhythm of the Saints

Today's show is Paul Simon's  1990 album  "The Rythm of the Saints"

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10/31/15 Cause & Effect: Screaming Females

Good Afternoon,

Today's Cause & Effect will be covering the New Brunswick, New Jersey rock outfit Screaming Females. Join Commonwealth of Notions host Shannon Cleary as he discusses the band's influences, contemporaries, touring partners and even a cover or two that the band has undertaken. A favorite of the city and a favorite of the station. This episode is going to be all over the place.

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As Always, Thanks for Tuning In and Supporting All Things Local!

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