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Galaxy Girl | 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., Thursdays

Retro girl groups, local bands, French pop, international garage rock, Japanese punk, this decade, last decade, a multicultural and multigenre mix to get your energy flowing and start your day off right.  Music from across the galaxy!  Every Thursday morning from 6-8am right here on WRIR!  Thanks for listening!  You can find the most recent playlist here.


PS - If you enjoy the Thursday Breakfast Blend, you might also enjoy the Tuesday Blend with Anna G & Zoethe Lotus Land ShowNew Music Machine, and Paul's Boutique.  If you're up late, check out Love and Other Crimes and Time is Tight.  There's LOADS of great music here on WRIR!

Recent Blog Entries

9/3/15 0903 Compiled compilations

 photo organ7.jpg

This week: Compiled Compilations. A mix tape of mix tapes. Songs organized by genres, themed around holidays, gathered from singles, presented by musicians, used in movies, found in thrift stores, covered, remixed, put on samplers. There’s even a song performed by a cat. 6-8am on WRIR. Thanks for listening!

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8/20/15 0820 Death Destruction & Dissonance Blend

This week: lots of songs about death, destruction & dissonance. Lobo Marino, Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless, Janelle Monae & Wondaland Arts, Leonard Cohen, Manzara & MORE. 6-8am on Thanks for listening!

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8/13/15 0813 Pingin Pongin Blend

This week: psyche rock, garage, bossa nova, a marching band cover of video game music, a sexy song about ping pong, the Mexican Elvis, bands appearing at Commonwealth of Notions Presents Volume 5, and LOTS MORE. Enjoy the show!

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8/6/15 0803 Vicey Blend

This week’s show is inspired by the musical variety of my old All-Nighter program, Richmond’s high STI rate, one mashup of songs from no later than 1990, and at least one questionable cover. Enjoy the show!

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