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Retro girl groups, local bands, French pop, international garage rock, Japanese punk, this decade, last decade, a multicultural and multigenre mix to get your energy flowing and start your day off right.  Music from across the galaxy!  Every Thursday morning from 6-8am right here on WRIR!  Thanks for listening!  You can find the most recent playlist here.


PS - If you enjoy the Thursday Breakfast Blend, you might also enjoy the Tuesday Blend with Anna G & Zoethe Lotus Land ShowNew Music Machine, and Paul's Boutique.  If you're up late, check out Love and Other Crimes and Time is Tight.  There's LOADS of great music here on WRIR!

Recent Blog Entries

12/18/14 20141218 Wintery blend

Holiday music! You know I love it! But don't worry. I'll try to avoid the stuff that's been blasting in every store since September. This is the kind of stuff you'll only hear HERE!


Kontra & Janet: Baby, It's Cold Outside from Kontra on Vimeo.

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12/4/14 1204 Cosmos Blend

I binge-watched Cosmos over the holidays, so now I’ve got planetary things on the brain. Enjoy the music and this picture of Neil deGrasse Tyson in front of some planets! (He has a radio show too, you know. Here's a link:

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11/27/14 1127 Foodsgiving Blend

Happy Tofurkey Day! I can guarantee that mine is NOT going to look as good as the one in the picture. Unless there’s some sort of Friendsgiving miracle.

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11/20/14 20 Nov Pre-Holidaze Blend

I'm thinking about cleaning my house, and I have NO IDEA what to cook next week! GAH!!!

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