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Galaxy Girl | 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m., Thursdays

Retro girl groups, local bands, French pop, international garage rock, Japanese punk, this decade, last decade, a multicultural and multigenre mix to get your energy flowing and start your day off right.  Music from across the galaxy!  Every Thursday morning from 6-8am right here on WRIR!  Thanks for listening!  You can find the most recent playlist here.


PS - If you enjoy the Thursday Breakfast Blend, you might also enjoy the Tuesday Blend with Anna G & Zoethe Lotus Land ShowNew Music Machine, and Paul's Boutique.  If you're up late, check out Love and Other Crimes and Time is Tight.  There's LOADS of great music here on WRIR!

Recent Blog Entries

5/21/15 0521 Inspiration Blend

This week's show is all about people who've inspired me in one way or another. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll dance. Enjoy the show.

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5/14/15 0514 ZOUNDS Blend

Zounds! It's hot in this studio! Good thing I have some cool music to listen to!


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5/7/15 0507 Sneezy Blend

The pollen has really started to get to me this week. Here's hoping I don't sneeze on the air.

Also, how did I not hear this Damien Jurado album until now?!?! It's really nice.

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4/23/15 423 Blending with live performance by GG Woody Harrelson

Live performance today by GG Woody Harrelson! Here's some music that may or may not be performed.


TRIVIA : Did you know The Monkees' “As We Go Along” was written by Carole King and Toni Stern? It’s soooo pretty.


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4/16/15 0416 Fund Drivin Blend NOW WITH MORE LIVE MUSIC

Good morning everybody! This morning I'm playing a lot of music that I only found out about BECAUSE of WRIR. If you've learned any music because of WRIR, please donate during our fund drive!

We have a special treat for you this morning, too! The SECOND of THREE weeks of live performances on the Thursday Breakfast Blend. This week we have Zoe Golden (Blue Rajas, I-Las) playing for you between 7 and 730am.

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