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I describe Global A Go-Go as "music from around the world in the universal language of groove." In short, you could call it a world music program that emphasizes the danceable over the folkloric.

"World music" is one of those terms that everybody uses but nobody claims to like; I guess I'm that group too. My favorite definition of world music is that it's "local music from somewhere else." That's a pretty good description of my show as well: most of the artists I play aren't the least bit obscure, they're just popular somewhere other than Richmond Virginia.

I live in a metropolitan area (and a country, for that matter) that is becoming more diverse at a rapid pace. Not everybody recognizes it, and more than a few people are actively resistant to it. But resistance is futile: America has always been a multicultural nation, and now's the time for a little bit more multicultural radio programming.

I've been recording and podcasting my show since 2004, even before WRIR began broadcasting. You can find a ridiculously large number of Global A Go-Go podcasts here:

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11/21/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday November 21, 5-7 PM

Global A Go-Go visits southern Africa this week with a set of music from South Africa (naturally), Zimbabwe, and Madagascar (that's Malagasy singer Jean Emilien pictured above).

Also this week: the Senegalese tinge, Afrobeat meets rap, and the glorious global sound of brass-rock circa 1972.

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11/14/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday November 14, 2014

That arrow above is pointing to the frog's external hearing structure or tympanum.  My guest co-host this week is Jacobi (J.R.) Harris, who hosts one of WRIR's newest music programs, Tympanum Effect, every Thursday morning (or Wednesday night, if you prefer) at 3 AM.

If you haven't heard Tympanum Effect yet, I recommend that you check it out via broadcast or by using WRIR's new listening portal at  And if you'd like a taste of what J.R. brings to the airwaves, tune in this week to hear his take on "music from around the world in the universal language of groove."

I'll spin a few this week too: Ukrainian "ethno-chaos" by DakhaBrakha (who are performing in Richmond on Sunday), new Italian folk by Antonio Castrignano, golden age Malian Afropop by Les Ambassadeurs, and more.

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11/7/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday November 7, 2014

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (pictured above) is a band that got started in Chicago, is now based in Barcelona, and is the only Afrobeat band I know that has a bassoon player.  You'll hear a track from their excellent new album on this week's edition of Global A Go-Go.

Also this week: more Asian psychedelia; deep, dubby blues from Mississippi to the Sahara; and Indian music meets jazz.

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10/31/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday October 31, 2014

Here at Global A Go-Go we can't let Halloween pass without a bite at the apple -- no razor blades please.

So this week you'll hear a supernatural Child ballad from Scotland, some Caribbean songs about duppies and jumbies (ghosts to you), music influenced by Santeria and vodoun (two religions where the dead remain among us), and a track by Ghana's Ebo Taylor that's one of the most chilling I know.

Plus plenty of what makes Global A Go-Go tick every week, including new music from Kevin Kinsella, Bang Data and Djessou Mory Kante, and an amazing 1955 reissue of the Caruso of Cuba, Abelardo Barroso.

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10/24/14 Yeni Nostalji Live!


Hey all, Enzo here from POP Goes The World, and this afternoon I get the privilege of sitting in for Bill Lupoletti on Golbal A Go-Go.

Bill had the forsight, before he left, to secure the classic Turkish pop of Yeni Nostalji to come play live for the show, and I can't tell you how excited I am to have them here!

We are still in the middle of our bi-annual fund drive, and, as you know, none of this would be possible without your support. These are the last couple of days of the fund drive, so if you haven't had the opportunity yet, NOW is the time to show your love to the radio station that's been at the vanguard of RVA's recent cultural revival!

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10/17/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday October 17, 5-7 PM

WRIR's Fall '14 Fund Drive gets underway today at 5:00 PM on Global A Go-Go.  The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra, the only band I know that grows and builds its own musical instruments, will perform on-air in our Live Room.  This event kicks off 12 days of some of the best radio you'll ever hear, including 26 live performances from our studios.

You can hear the kickoff event on the radio at 97.3 FM in the Richmond area, or you can listen anywhere in the world that has an internet connection by browsing over to:

Our fund drive runs through October 28.  If you'd like to make a donation to support this remarkable project, you can do so by calling 804-622-9747, by visiting us in person at 1621-B West Broad Street, or via our secure online donation site at:

Thank you for your support in the past, and thank you for considering making a donation during the Fall 2014 Fund Drive!

Follow me below the fold, if you'd like, for more motivation ....

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