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I describe Global A Go-Go as "music from around the world in the universal language of groove." In short, you could call it a world music program that emphasizes the danceable over the folkloric.

"World music" is one of those terms that everybody uses but nobody claims to like; I guess I'm that group too. My favorite definition of world music is that it's "local music from somewhere else." That's a pretty good description of my show as well: most of the artists I play aren't the least bit obscure, they're just popular somewhere other than Richmond Virginia.

I live in a metropolitan area (and a country, for that matter) that is becoming more diverse at a rapid pace. Not everybody recognizes it, and more than a few people are actively resistant to it. But resistance is futile: America has always been a multicultural nation, and now's the time for a little bit more multicultural radio programming.

I've been recording and podcasting my show since 2004, even before WRIR began broadcasting. You can find a ridiculously large number of Global A Go-Go podcasts here:

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4/24/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday April 25, 2014

This week I'll be joined in the studio by two special guests, both of whom will be performing at the Camel after my show on Friday night.

DJ Crown Vic (top), aka Jim Thomson, runs the Electric Cowbell record label, promotes concerts as Multiflora Productions, and started the Independent Grand vinyl web-shop.  He's a founding member of both GWAR and Bio Ritmo (hard as that may be to believe) and he's played in so many great bands over the years: The Alter Natives, Hotel X, Plasmodium, Tulsa Drone, CSC Funk Band, the list goes on and on.  Jim and I will talk about life, the world and his current projects, and he'll DJ a set of music akin to what he'll be doing tonight at the Camel.

Marlysse Simmons (bottom) composes, arranges and plays keyboards for Bio Ritmo; you might also know her work in the bands Miramar and Os Magrelos, not to mention The Girtles.  Bio Ritmo's new album Puerta Del Sur will be released on June 9 and it's truly outstanding, their best work yet.  Marlysse and I will talk about the making of Puerta Del Sur and we'll preview a couple of tracks, then she'll DJ a set from her personal record collection.

Jim comes on at 5 PM, Marlysse at 6, so set your clock accordingly and join us on the radio on Friday evening for a special edition of Global A Go-Go.

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4/18/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday April 18, 2014

No, that isn't Bootsy Collins (above) in pointy babouche slippers -- it's Hassan Hakmoun, the Moroccan sintir player who graced the stage of the Richmond Folk Festival in 2012.  Hassan has a brand-new album and it rocks like a mother -- you'll hear a track on this week's program.

Also this week: the Wassoulou sound of south-west Mali; some chevere Latin soul; Afro-funk and Afrobeat.

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4/11/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday April 11, 5-7 PM

This week, it's time for another installment of "Mondo Mundo Garage A Go-Go," where we dig in to a whole set of vintage garage- and psych-rock from all over the planet.  This time we touch down in Nigeria, Cambodia, Turkey (with Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar, pictured above), Mozambique and the Dominican Republic.

Plus a classic recording of Ali Farka Toure; the urbanized sound of Colombia, then and now; and soul brasileiro.  And make sure to stay tuned after Global A Go-Go for Time Is Tight with Paul Ivey, which makes its debut in its new time this Friday from 7 to 9 PM.

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4/4/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday April 4, 2014

This week, you'll hear a whole stack of vintage tracks from Jamaica's ska and rocksteady eras -- we're talking Skatalites, John Holt, Derrick Morgan (pictured above right) and many more, classics all.

Also this week: spiritual jazz by The Souljazz Orchestra and Pharoah Sanders; music from the films of Emir Kusturica; and we'll close it out with an African-Caribbean dance party.

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3/28/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday March 28, 2014

Let me start by saying thank you to the more than 500 folks who donated over $36,000 during WRIR's Spring '14 Fund Drive.  And if donating somehow slipped your mind, it's not too late; just click here to spread the generosity:

Johnny Clegg (pictured above with Nelson Mandela), the man who led Juluka, South Africa's most successful (and therefore most dangerous) integrated band, is making a rare appearance in our area: he's at the Lisner Auditorium in DC on Saturday night.  In honor of the event, I'll spin a few of my favorites from his catalog on this week's program.

Also this week: a brand new release from Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars; the border sounds of conjunto and mariachi; and a cumbia dance party.

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3/21/14 Global A Go-Go: Friday March 21, 2014

We're in the midst of WRIR's Spring '14 Fund Drive -- as I write this post at noon on Friday, we've already raised $23,000 from 300 donors.  Thank you to all 300 of you!  We need to raise $40,000 by Tuesday night, and we're looking for another 200 of you to join our team to make it happen.

We always try to make our fund drives something special for our listeners, so you're not just hearing us drone on boringly (at best, annoyingly at worst) about money.  And I do have something very special lined up for this evening's program.

My guests in the studio will be Miramar, a fabulous Richmond band that features Rei Alvarez and Marlysse Simmons of Bio Ritmo and Laura Ann Singh from Quatro Na Bossa (that's Rei and Laura Ann pictured above):

Miramar specializes in boleros: lush romantic ballads that have been a staple of the Puerto Rican repertoire (and slow-dance favorites of many salsa bands) since at least the 1950's.  They're a truly unique band, the kind of thing it's hard to imagine you'd ever hear on the radio -- and that's why WRIR is so necessary.  They'll be live in the studio some time after 5:30 -- tune in or stop and listen in person.

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