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Searching for something to fit your ears just right? Tune in to Paul's Boutique each Thursday night from 9-11 pm to hear rock, indie rock, dance, punk, post-punk, pop, metal, Brazilian grooves, classic country & western, blues, jazz, kraut rock, afro-funk, French stuff, rockabilly, soul and rhythm & blues, funk, reggae, dub, experimental, garage, psychedelic, hip-hop, folk and more handpicked by me. Woo haw, you're all in check!

Recent Blog Entries

11/19/15 Paul’s Boutique - Starting All Over Again

Tonight, JJ steps in for Paul and takes a look at starting over again, over again, over again....

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11/12/15 Pangeas n’ Things

Drop by the Boutique tonight for some groovy tunes and your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Together Pangea, White Reaper, Sideways Orange and Motel Fire at the Camel this Sunday, Nov 15!

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11/5/15 Songs in the Key of Del

What began as something of a lark has come to fruition as what may very well be my most hair-brained show yet. To wit, tonight's show will feature nothing but artists named Del-something-or-other. Alongside patron saint Del Shannon you'll hear all your favorite Del groups (Del-Vikings, the Dells, etc.) and some that are probably not your favorite. Tonight the Boutique goes to Del from 9-11 pm.

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10/29/15 How Is The Air Up There?

mr. atavist here from Sunrise Ocean Bender steering the ship for DJ Paul … Then it's time for SOB to get your Halloween vibe good and primed … enjoy …

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10/22/15 Driving for Funds

Loyal listeners! It's not often (right around twice-a-year) that I make a request of you, but now is one such time. It is indeed fund drive time and I'm hoping that you'll donate to show your appreciation for the boutique and the rest of WRIR's programming. You can get some cool swag to boot so please consider making a donation to the station during my show this evening from 9-11 pm or at any point over the next 5 days. We have an overall goal of raising $35,000 by Oct. 27 and your assistance will help in getting there. Please click the red "Donate" button tonight!

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10/15/15 Pink Polyester, Hair Sprayed, Cry Baby Songs for Desperate Living

In honor of his performance of 'This Filthy World' tomorrow night at the Byrd, I've stocked the Boutique with songs from and inspired by the films of John Waters, plus a few of his favorites and a few that seemed to fit the occasion. Get filthy from 9-11 pm!

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