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Christian Hendrickson | 11:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m., Fridays

This Modern Beat is a spontaneous mix of mostly underground/backpack Hip Hop sprinkled with bits of electronic beats, funk and soul hosted by Christian B. I play a mix of new and older artists. I am also happy to provide an outlet for local Hip Hop artists. I really enjoy artists like MF Doom, Four Tet, P.O.S., Atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco and labels like Rhymesayers, Anticon, Gold Dust, Big Dada, Ninja Tune and so many more.

You won't hear anything else like this on Richmond's airwaves. Trust.

Recent Blog Entries

4/11/14 Just music tonight

Hip Hop until 1am. Starting at 11pm

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4/4/14 JAY IDK interview!

Hip Hop and beats and more!

Special guest JAY IDK is in the house for a in studio interview at 11:30pm.

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3/28/14 Thanks for the love last week!

Hip Hop at 11pm!

Interview with Greg Burke from Shocksound Promotions on at 11:30Pm.

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3/21/14 Spring is almost here! Support Hip hop!

Hip Hop and such on tonight 11pm till 1am!

Last one before the fund drive ends, so if you haven't donated as yet, please do. Show your support of the Hip hop shows on the station by mentioning my show, This Modern Beat Radio show. Or Black Liq 's show Hip Hop for the Rest of Us. Or Mikemetic Kemetic 's show Middle East Coast Mecca. Or, Xavier Beverly 's show Soul Food

So, don't be giving excuses for a lack of underground Hip Hop on RVA's airwaves, because there are plenty of choices.



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3/14/14 Believe it or not!

I'm back on the air brining you lots of new Hip Hop! Been a rough and tumble couple of months with no signs of slowing down. My apologies to my regular listeners who've been missing out on al the goodness.

We're back to it tonight! Scheduled interview with artist CHAOS around 11:30pm.

Its our Spring Fund Drive so, If you like the music you hear on this station, especially Hip Hop. Let us know by donating. $5, 10 or $25. It doesn't matter. Just list one of the Hip Hop shows as your favorite, or better yet, all of them ;) This small act means a lot to us Dj's and let's the station know you are out there and you are listening. The shows are as follows:

Hip Hop for the Rest of Us Saturday/Sunday 1am till 3am. (Live cypers and Freestyles with local artists, Focus on Local artists as well as National)

Middle East Coast Mecca Sunday/Monday 1am till 3am(A live turntablism with a different musical focus Every week. Hip Hop to Electronica to Africanism)

This Modern Beat Friday/Saturday 11pm till 1am(Primary focus on new Hip Hop from all over the world. Local as well. Some nights it will be all new, others new to within the last decade and beyond.)

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