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Hosted by Jay Burnham and Lee Graves, RVA Beer Show presents news, views, history and happenings in the Richmond beer community and beyond. Each program highlights upcoming releases of new beers at area breweries, with guests talking about the latest at their breweries. Jay and Lee’s casual style and presentation make the world of beer fun and entertaining, while also providing in-depth information.

Welcome to the Social Enterprise. We will be discussing an extraordinary new form of organization, The Social Enterprise. They are creating a 21st century revolution in the way the non-profits and private sector business utilize their profits to address urgent social needs. Business profits are no longer used just to increase the assets of individuals, but are also invested in socially useful purposes such as: creating jobs for people who have had difficulty finding ones, developing affordable medical and social services, building affordable housing, providing education, enhancing environmental protection, and improving cultural activities in the community.


  • Friday - 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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