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End Of The Line: The Ongoing Saga of Pipelines in Virginia, produced by Whitney Whiting, Katie Wood, Matthew Conover and Aaron Bish: 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday at 11:00 AM

END OF THE LINE is a radio program created by local Richmonders, following the developing story of two proposed pipelines in Virginia – the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Over the past year, the subject of fossil fuel “pipelines” has reached a high point of saturation in the national consciousness. While the nation watched major milestones unfold around the rejection of Keystone XL by President Obama and Standing Rock’s struggle to protect water against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, resistance to pipelines in Virginia has been building as well. Residents and landowners in mostly rural parts of the state have taken on an uphill battle to try and stop two high pressure natural gas pipelines from going through their land as well as some of Virginia’s most treasured places.

Featuring the voices of those directly affected by the proposed infrastructure, this ongoing series will examine every aspect of the local pipeline struggle, episode by episode, starting at the very beginning and working our way to the present. Through voices of those on the frontlines, we will touch on issues such as eminent domain, energy policy, industry influence on local politics, environmental impacts, and the mental health aspect of how residents are coping with this tremendous burden.

Our goals are to provide listeners with the stories of Virginians who have been and are currently resisting both proposed natural gas pipelines and build a wider audience of people throughout our region who may not be familiar with all that has occurred since the summer of 2014 when the pipelines were first introduced. The built-in question we will be posing to listeners is the same many landowners are facing, “Are these pipelines a ‘done deal’?” To that end, as our episodes begin to meet up in real time with the decision-making process at state and federal levels, END OF THE LINE will continue to report on developments as the pipeline saga unfolds.


The Chee, hosted by Chetara Hooker: 2nd and 4th Friday at 11:00 AM

The Chee is an educational program giving you the 411 about lifestyle and how to better your future.  It’s a show for people of all educational backgrounds and ethnicities about how to advance yourself in the workplace, how to improve your health, how to attend to all the different strands of your life, how to balance your personal and professional relationships, how to take care of your human capital and financial wealth, and much more.


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