Happy House / Meow Mix!

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eringerety and acleland


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When asked if “Happy House” was a cynical song, Siouxsie replied: “It is sarcastic. In a way, like television, all the medias, it is like adverts, the perfect family where as it is more common that husbands beat their wives. There are mental families really. The projection is everyone smiling, blond hair, sunshine, eating butter without fat and everyone perfect”.

Focusing on all things depressing, abrasive, loud, somber, disturbing, angry, and misunderstood. Because all emotions are valid.

Take a trip with Lady Catnip into the land of Meow Mix, a show steeped in grrrl power. Go ahead and sink your claws into these purrrfect new jams, and get ready, because we’re going to go all over the place. Hip-hop, bubblegum pop, heavy surf vibes, dreamy jams, creepy babes, witch queens, punk rocka mamas, wuteva wuteva. Just check in bi-weekly for all the babes!


  • Wednesday - 1:00 am - 3:00 am