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Sunny Gardener


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Lightly on the Ground, hosted by Sunny Gardener: Wednesday at 12:00 noon

Lightly on the Ground is how we travel when go consciously. It’s how we dance when we really dance. The wealth of information gathered while living this life becomes wisdom only if used and shared.

Lightly on the Ground Radio is a way to use and share life’s wisdom by casting light into shadowed corners of our culture. The show emphasizes how our daily choices affect how we live and how others on this tiny planet live.
The advice to “live simply that others might simply live” informs life daily as long as some semblance of consciousness is maintained. This requires looking at local issues as part of a larger picture. Our daily choices in food, clothing, activities, transportation, childbearing, values, and association make up a fabric that can either be shabby and worn to bits or woven tightly and mended when needed.

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  • Wednesday - 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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