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Join Chef Poppin’ Fresh, DJ Dizz and Rachel for a taste of the past and the present. Soul Food exposes the soul, funk and R&B elements that make up today’s hip-hop. Live sets every Saturday night made from only the freshest ingredients.



  • Saturday - 11:00 pm - 1:00 am
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  • James says:

    Hello! How can I get you an mp3 or wav file of “Spacehip” by Dallas, “Money” by Veronica and “Hittin’ it” by Cinde… consider for your show.
    Here’s the video for “Spaceship” …

    Here’s the video for “Money”…..

    Cinde’s video should be ready soon. All songs should be on Spotify too.

    Veronica’s radio version of “Money” does not have the spoken male rap off the top of the song. It start with a cold vocal ….Veronica’s voice.

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