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WRIR Presents, hosted by Bree Baker: Friday at 9:00 AM

Expect locally-produced re-airings, as well as nationally-produced shows. The focus for choosing national shows will mostly be shows centered around marginalized communities, furthering our effort as an independent radio station to air underrepresented news, views, and music.



Secretly Y’all Radio is an organization that broadcasts people’s true stories to inspire, to create, and to invest in community. Why? For seven years we have witnessed how the opportunity to tell one’s own story is powerful; how the opportunity to listen creates a fertile groundwork for empathy as well as on the ground, person-to-person connection; and lastly how these interactions have positively impacted, and changed, our community.

Since 2009 SYR has been organizing live events where people have the opportunity to listen to true stories from people of our community. Each live event is based on a theme and Storytellers have up to seven minutes to tell a true story without using notes. It’s a unique experience unequaled anywhere else in Richmond.
The small door fee collected at each event is always donated directly to local non-profits and charities, meaning SYR has helped each of us who have attended live events to donate back over 12,000$ to our community!

In addition to the live events SYR is excited to be designing and publishing a new radio show where we can showcase stories and expand our format.

For more information visit our website at secretlyall.com and follow us on Facebook.




  • Wednesday - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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  • Hello, I am inquiring on the songs I sent and you wanted to receive, thank you, to be played on your station as you have on other songs I wrote, love songs from the heart, country ballads sung by Chas Evans from Mississippi and now the new songs sent to you sung by Joe Robinson and Holly Sims from Nashville, titled Why and Beth, my sweet Beth. Thank you for your support and will continue to support your station.

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